Nursing Dissertation Topics Critical Care

Nursing Dissertation Topics Critical Care
• New directions in management of patients in the adult intensive care units.
Nursing through non-verbal communication.
Optimal management strategy for patient with post-traumatic stress disorder.
• Patients’ self-assessments and decision making: Management approaches in
surgical cases.
• Perceived management issues in the care of elderly patients.
• Perceptive of Parental Attitudes towards the MMR Immunisation Programme
· Possible interventions in the clinical management and control of infectious
Poverty and its role in childhood diseases a public health issue.
• Prevalence Of Schizophrenia In Urban Regions”
– Procedures to follow when treating a mental patient.
– Proposal for an initiative for teenage youth regarding the prevention of stress.
. Public health responses and approaches for the prevention of cancer.
– Relationship with the patient. Does it lead to better recovery?
– Returning to work after an absence.