What are the benefits and disadvantages that a nurse practitioner might encounter when starting an independent practice?

DQ1: What are the benefits and disadvantages that a nurse practitioner might encounter when starting an independent practice? How might this differ from a collaborative practice?DQ2:In a physician practice, should nurse practitioners have insurance billing done under their names or should the billing being submitted under the physician’s name? Provide supportive information.

DQ3:What are the benefits or disadvantages of the nurse practitioner entry-level degree being at the doctorate level? What evidence, if any, has there been to support the use of Doctor of Nursing Practice degrees in place of master’s prepared nursing practitioners?

Dq4:Which networking organizations would be most beneficial to a private NP practice? Justify your rationale.

How College Admission Essays Improve Your Writing

How College Admission Essays Improve Your Writing

How College Admission Essays Improve Your Writing

The college application essay should represent you as a personal; many applicants get worried that getting your essay professions edited will lose the personal aspect or meaning. However, the professional essay is different from the other regular editing services. In the application essay editing you receive feedback from a professional editor who is knowledgeable in the essay writing process. This will help with the logical flow of ideas and the tone of the essay. You can also get professional advice on essays that get best results. At last, it leads to a more polished essay that is personal and compelling.

Moreover, editing your essay is not about writing your essay but giving professional feedback that goes a long way to polish your essay. We the professional editors know the way to get admission is to write a essay that reflects your individual goals and potential. This is adding your voice to the admission process by communicating to the admission officers why you are the perfect fit for the program. The can only be written by you, because, you are the source of this information you are presenting to the admission committee. This is because you are the only one who can reflect your unique sense of passion and purpose in writing your application essay.

 Editing Can Help You Stand Apart from the Crowd

Editing helps you to create and ideal essay by focusing on the question.  Both the editing and professional feedback offered are highly customized and aims to unique product that gives valuable information that is not provided in other parts of the application. Our experienced team of essay editors has insights to what makes a successful application essay. Our professionals also have the missteps that you may make that can affect your chances of admission to the program. They will make you realize your goal by getting admission to your dream college by helping you to write a compelling essay. This is why the professional editors at precision will such a strong impact in your college application process.

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How To Write Essay Topics

How To Write Essay Topics

Ideas On How To Come Up With Perfect Essay Topics

Most writers often struggle to create good titles for their essays. Below, we will look at why a good essay title is important and some of the strategies for creating one.

Importance Of Topics

Titles are important for your readers. Along with the introductory paragraphs, a good title may be one of the most important elements of an essay.

  • A title contributes to the argument developed in the rest of the essay. By identifying the topic, argument, and method of the essay, a strong title begins the work of informing and/or convincing readers.
  • In addition, a strong title indicates to your instructor/marker that you have understood the question and the concepts. One of the first things your instructor or marker will look for is whether the assignment question has been answered. A clear title assures the marker that the essay answers the question.
  • Another function of the title is to capture readers’ attention and interest by giving them an idea of what the essay is about, and what its main idea is.

How Does A Great Title Look Like?

Titles for academic essays are often very long. Do not be surprised if your title is two or more lines long. Often, titles are split into two parts, the main title, and a subtitle, separated by a colon. The main title and sub title are usually a combination of:

  • Catchy phrase, quotation or clever hook
  • An informative phrase, including details about the content, organization and method(s) used in your writing or research

How To Develop An Appropriate Title

Write your essay – Most often, titles are written at the end of the writing process, so the first step in creating a great title is to write your essay.

Consider your audience – Of course, you thought about your intended audience before and while writing your essay, but think about who will be reading your work again when choosing a title. Think about what is most likely to appeal to them: is it content? Or is it humor? Go back to the assignment instructions and/or course outline. What style does your instructor use? Can you match it?

Re-read the essay assignment instructions

  • Were there any special instructions related to appropriate essay titles? Follow these instructions.
  • Use words or phrases from the essay question in your title. Certain key phrases related to methods occur repeatedly in essay assignments, and these phrases appear just as often in essay titles: analyze, assess, compare/contrast, define, describe, discuss, evaluate, illustrate, outline, relate, summarize. Turn these verbs into nouns.
  • Ø An Analysis of …
  • Ø A Summary of …
  • Does the essay assignment ask a question? Asking a question in a title can be an effective way to spark the curiosity of readers, but it is usually a good idea to give the answer in your title.

Re-read your essay – If a good title does not suddenly come to mind, write down your topic and key words from your essay. These words reflect the main concept or ideas of the whole essay. Join these words together in a sentence, or sentences. Convert these sentences into shorter phrases.

Re-work your title – Occasionally, a title will pop into your mind fully formed, but most often, titles need to be written, expanded, and edited several times. Make the title as informative as possible, even if it seems long or wordy. Reveal your conclusions. Be direct and enthusiastic.

Bottom line; do not get too stressed out about finding the perfect title. The important thing is finishing the essay and letting people read.

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Impact Of Visual Media On Communication Analysis Sample

Impact Of Visual Media On Communication Analysis Sample

Impact Of Visual Media On Communication Analysis Sample


This paper presents the analysis and interpretation of a visual design project in relation to the application of learned principles relating to visual design and communication. The paper seeks to assert the position that visual design has got profound effects on communication. The impact of visual design in the presentation of a business idea in the design project is also put into consideration in this research paper. The paper delves into the approaches of visual communication as applied in the design project that accompanies this research paper. The paper makes a conclusion by reinstating that visual design is of great importance and impact to communication while also giving thought and recommendation on the use of visual design in business communication.
The visual design work accompanying this research paper is an advertisement brochure that relays a business idea relating to a small business that deals with interior decoration accessories. The small business also sells flowers for all kinds of occasions as well as interior decorations. The Brochure is designed to captivate the observer’s eye while conveying the main business idea as intended and thus serves as an advertisement tool for the business. These characteristics therefore inform the title of the visual design work as “Advertisement Brochure”.

In respect to the visual design work/project that accompanying this research paper, the visual communication approaches in consideration include the use of typography, images and image groups, together with symbols and signs. These aspects are often combined to form compelling visual designs that provide communication to intended audiences.
The use of images in the visual design work is the first visual communication approach considered in this research paper. The use of images in any visual communication is of great importance in that images provoke and catches people’s attention in many different angles depending on the people’s culture, beliefs and values (Barnard, 2005). To start with, the images in use in the small business advertisement brochure serve the fundamental purpose of the advertising the business. A casual look at the images in the brochure gives the impression of decorations involving flowers and other accessories that provide esthetic value. The aesthetic and colorful quality of the pictures speaks volumes of the aesthetic nature of the business in terms of decorations by use of flowers and interior design accessories. The grouped images also help give the impression of diversity products (flowers and accessories) stocked by the decorations business. The businesses logo which is more of a symbol (Placed next to the business address) is made up of an image of a flower which again gives the essence of the business as a decorative business that utilizes flowers towards this end.
Another aspect of visual design and communication as applied in the visual design work is the aspect typography. Typography refers to the methods of arranging type and use of typeface as a means of visual effects that facilitate visual communication. In the visual design I chose to use the Cambria font or type face since I felt that the type face presents a blend of the official and somewhat artistic aspects of the business and its main operations. The argument is that while the business itself has to appear official, its decorative business operations give the business a rather artistic quality. Thus to the best of my knowledge I felt that the Cambria type face would deliver this dual qualities. The variation in the size and weight of fonts is also another visual effect in use in the visual design work. To begin with, the common use of size and font weight to create distinction between various levels of text in any visual design is also employed. For instance, the use of a bold type face that is of a bigger size has been used in the visual design work to denote main headings and subheadings as well (Resnick, 2003).
Type face weight has also been used to create more attention to certain portions of text and thus drawing the viewer’s eyes to critical information in the visual piece. The type face style is also important in any visual design that utilizes text as in the case of advertisement brochure. Putting text in italics is a form of type face style that provides visual emphasis on the text. For instance, the use of italicized fonts in the visual design has been used on the businesses tag line; this provides a visual effect that catches the viewer’s eyes to the all important business tag line. On a more general note, the visual use of typography as mentioned above coupled with the color variations of the type face as seen in the visual work provides a captivating visual effect.  The overall effect is both aesthetic, functional and also helps in the layout formation (Resnick, 2003).
The visual arrangement of both text and images in the visual design work has been used to create a document layout that facilitates the visual perception of the businesses advertisement brochure. To begin with, the layout of the document is divided into three columns in which the text and images are placed. The main reason of this visual arrangement is to allow for the folding of the brochure into leafs without obscuring the information on it. This layout therefore facilitates the use of the document as a brochure upon print out.
The layout of the visual design also facilitates the psychological and cognitive aspect of human visual communication (Barnard, 2005).  The human brain is said to operate by gathering bits of information and then processing them into a single impression. Thus in light of this the human brain views visual parts of a document or image and then after which the brain forms the parts into a whole image and then assigns meaning to it. In relation to this approach the advertisement brochure is systematically aligned into distinct sections that are well arranged in a way that the human mind can combine them into a whole image.
In conclusion, this paper once again asserts the position that visual design has got profound effects on communication. As indicated in the above sections it’s evident that creating a captivating visual document that effectively communicates as intended involves a lot. The proper use of images and typography will ultimately determine the effectiveness of the visual document.  It also evident that the layout of the visual document coupled with the psychological and cognitive approaches of human appreciation of visual communication is critical. As a recommendation, any one intending to come up with an effective visual document must consider all the aspects that pertain to effective visual communication. Apart from having a well defined message to put across, efforts should be put into properly packaging the visual aspects of the message.
Barnard, M. (2005). Graphic Design As Communication. London: Routledge.
Resnick, E. (2003). Design for Communication: Conceptual Graphic Design Basics. New Jersey: Elizabeth Resnick.

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Admission Essay Writing Services For College

Admission Essay Writing Services For College

You will begin by exploring your own values, abilities, background, and priorities through exercises, conversations, and interactive brainstorming sessions with your writing coach. We will help you point out what topics to expand upon, how to structure your essay, and how to highlight your unique perspective. Over the course of several drafts, we will work with you to revise and perfect your essay until you have articulated your best self in a voice that is true to who you are. 

We at I write essays  are serious about our ethics and will never write your essay for you but we will offer professional guidance all through the writing process. Instead, we will collaborate with you and coach you towards YOUR best work to produce a perfect college essay. You will become a better writer through the precision papers process, and you will end up with an essay that is genuinely yours and that will describe your thoughts, goals, and abilities. 

We can help you put your best foot forward to achieve highest standards of essay writing. Nearly all of our students who apply get into one of their top choice schools, so we know our process works and has professionalism of the highest standards.  

 We are so confident you will love working with us that all of our work is done under our I writers Promise: to deliver the best and make our clients happy, deliver world class admission essay.

Our essay experts can help you in following areas:

  • Brainstorming to generate ideas to answer the prompt
  • Choosing the best topic for you that will best express your ideas
  • Developing specific  ideas and facts by supporting the information and giving relevant examples
  • Outlining
  • Developing a first draft and ideas
  • Managing multiple drafts and building on the topic
  • Editing and polishing of intermediate and final essay drafts
  • Reviewing and commenting on final drafts and giving feedback.
  • Editing essays at the last minute by reviewing your essay
  • Developing other supplemental essays and topics

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Free Homosexuality Paper

Free Homosexuality Paper

Free Homosexuality Paper

Regardless of normal sexual orientation, people are at risk of psychological and emotional problems generating from different issues. Therefore, LGBT youth generally are at more risk of mental disorders since they not only have to come to terms with their own sexuality or gender rather they have to deal with homophobic, misunderstandings and biased attitudes among people around them. Haas and Eliason demonstrated that generally there existed a high rate of mood and anxiety disorders among this group a key risk factor for suicidal behavior. In recent studies, research has provided epidemiological evidence that gay people particularly the younger ones, bisexuals, lesbians and transgender are at a higher risk group of attempted suicide more than the general public. In view of the above this paper discusses the suicide rates among LGBT and prevention measures (Haas & Eliason, 2014).

According to (Hatzenbuehler, 2011) the reasons for elevated rates of suicide among the group is due to Stigma, discrimination and prejudice which creates a demanding and hostile social environment that causes mental instability in these groups. There is sufficient proof that throughout the lifespan of LGBT they experience discrimination in form of personal rejection, bullying, hostility and physical violence (Hatzenbuehler, 2011). One of the most powerful stressors is perhaps the rejection of an individual by members of his own family such as parents. Other reasons for this have been cited as heterosexual centered community and institutionalized homophobia in most cases. Institution discrimination as a result of public institutions policies and law that out rightly creates some kind of inequality and fails in its prerogative to protect minorities against acts of discrimination on sexual orientation basis (Hatzenbuehler, 2011).

A perfect example of institution discrimination is the suicide of a Rutgers student. Tyler Clementi committed suicide on September 22 due to invasion of his own privacy. He jumped from the George Washington Bridge following an incident involving a sex tape of a sexual activity with another man (Wiener-Bronner, 2010). The young man’s roommate Dharun Ravi and another posted the video tapings on the internet. Ravi apparently used a computer camera to watch and record Clementi in an encounter of romance with a man and later talked about it and shared it on twitter (Wiener-Bronner, 2010). Clementi underwent through a mirage of emotions before deciding to end his own life. This may be considered as homophobic in the sense that Ravi and his school mates had negative feelings towards non heterosexual behavior. Different factors contribute to homophobic behaviors such as relationships, identity and community beliefs (Wiener-Bronner, 2010).

 The above factors may lead to homophobic behaviors manifesting in different forms such as physical attack, homophobic jokes and discrimination in an institution or work place.  Suicide ranks third as the death cause among young people of between the ages of 15-29.This is according to a research released by (NMHA) National Mental Association in 2002. LGBT are two times sometimes up to five times more likely to attempt suicide than their counterparts who are heterosexuals (American Association of Suicidology , 2014). In a study done in the year 2011 by the journal of pediatrics, 21.5% of LGBT youth said that they had at one time attempted suicide as compared to 4.2% of heterosexuals. The survey further identified that among LGBT group the percentage risk for attempted suicide was 20% more in regards to those in unsupportive relation as compare to those in supportive environments (American Association of Suicidology , 2014).

Preventive measures

Young people regardless of gender, age or sexual orientation requires a loving and a nurturing environment. They also need caring and supportive parents by their side to provide guidance in their life for them to develop into healthy adulthood. Several protective factors may assist to promote healthy being. Since being in a sexual minority group carries with it some stigma in society, LGBT youths may feel less cared for, un-accepted or un-supported than the heterosexual youths. This explains the risky behaviors and tendencies to commit suicide (Haas & Eliason, 2014). To protect the LGBT groups, significant adults in their lives like parents, teachers, and other important adults need to offer guidance care and to this youths. Providing conducive environment in institutions and create laws that prohibits minority discrimination. Additionally encouraging the youth to seek help when contemplating suicide and provide supportive resources like counseling centers. All this are vital factors that may help the LGBT to feel accepted and supported in the community (Hatzenbuehler, 2011).


American Association of Suicidology . (2014, April 6). Suicidal Behavior Among Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Youth. Retrieved April 6, 2014, from Fact Sheet

Haas, A. P., & Eliason, M. (2014). Suicide and Suicide Risk in Lesbian, Gay,Bisexual, and Transgender Populations:Review and Recommendations. Journal of Homosexuality .

Hatzenbuehler, M. L. (2011). The Social Env

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